Upon the invitation of Lycée Français Sophie Germain, an educational institution accredited by the French Ministry of National Education, the Philippine Embassy participated in the school’s “English Language Day” held on 17 June 2022.

PR 1Middle school and high school students actively participating in the event.

The “English Language Day” was organized for the middle and high school students with the aim to increase their awareness about the culture and tradition of Anglophone countries, enhance their understanding of the diversity of the Anglophone world, and encourage them to master the English language as it will open more opportunities for education and work both locally and internationally.

PR 2A brief rundown on the country’s history, religion, people, language and culture and the evolution of the English language in the Philippines was given by Vice Consul and Third Secretary Bea J. Antonio.

In its presentation, the Embassy provided the students with basic information about the Philippines, specifically on its people, language, religion, and history, as well as information on how the English language was introduced in the country, and how it benefits from the population’s high level of English proficiency noting that PH ranks 18th out of 112 countries based on the 2021 English Proficiency Index Report. The Philippine Embassy also showed the Department of Tourism’s video entitled, More Fun Awaits in the Philippines increasing awareness among the attendees of the country’s diverse tourist spots and natural resources.

PR 3

PR 4The presentation was followed by a Q&A portion where students showed great interest on PH culture, language, cuisine, and tourist destinations.

Aside from the Philippine Embassy, guest speakers from the Embassies of the UK and Ghana also participated in the event. END


Photo credit: Lycée Français Sophie Germain